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 The Middle East/Southwest Asia and North Africa region is incredibly multicultural. It includes countries that are not predominantly Arab (Turkey, Iran), as well as many other groups with their own histories, languages, and cultures--such as Chaldeans, Kurds, Amazighs, Assyrians, Armenians, Azeris, and Mandaeans... 

"Labor of love" is a phrase brought up to justify not paying artists, with the assumption that we are so eager to practice and perform our craft for its own sake, we will be willing to do it for free...

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"When you're dealing with a genius, you have to be prepared to turn your collar around." 


This statement comes from Broadway performer George Irving, referring to his experiences with Jerome Robbins, a choreographer known almost as much for his emotional outbursts as for his highly successful musicals. In the case of this genius, the behaviors that one is expected to look past include incessantly berating dancers, sabotaging personal relationships, and even ordering dancers to seriously injure each other onstage. Yet, as troubling as it may be, this sentiment is commonly used in the dance world to justify the concerning behaviors of various “genius” choreographers. The assumptions behind it are rarely brought into question...

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 Acclaimed New York City Ballet principal dancer Jenifer Ringer took her final bow in February, ending a 24-year performing career that was filled with as many roadblocks as successes. As she details in her strikingly candid memoir, “Dancing Through It: My Journey in the Ballet,” her struggles wit... 

With grand jetés, awkward hip-shaking, quirky finger gestures, and chilling stillness, the dancers in Dance Heginbotham’s “Dark Theater”send viewers on a visually, mentally, and emotionally jarring ride.

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 Meme of shoplifting warning, posted on Facebook. Recently, a friend of mine with an edgy (but hardly extreme) sense of humor showed me this joke, obviously referencing the anal rape of a man in prison. It had been floating around the internet and had gotten almost 17,000 likes on a fairly popular... 

To some feminists, the name “Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival” (MWMF) represents female solidarity, empowerment through art, and liberation from the patriarchy. To many transgender activists, it represents an exclusive club of womanhood which enforces gender discrimination by keeping trans women o...

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